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Cooperation between companies to develop businesses and improve profitability

Waste resources generated in business operations can be utilised wisely through cross-sectoral and cross-industry cooperation. The most profitable product and service solutions based on recycling materials require a new way of thinking, an innovative approach, collaboration, interdisciplinary expertise and the courage to act. The best practices, best ideas and most attractive opportunities are often found in the middle ground.

During our journey, we have collaborated with hundreds of companies. We know the materials and how to utilise them. With that knowledge, we can identify companies that create poorly utilised material flows and companies that could use the material in their products. We find potential technology operators who could be material processors. At best, new supply chains and new regional entrepreneurship emerge around them. Business cooperation ensures sustainable, domestic circular economy products and materials, productive sidestreams and strong local business.

Everyone benefits!

With the right action, the value of the material can be increased. When looking for a way to utilise a sidestream, a network of companies is built to ensure material circulation and quality. In addition to product development and identifying the market, it is necessary to find the right processors, suitable technology and logistics, and to create a viable business model for the operation.

Our strong expertise at Apila Group comes from our extensive network and solid knowledge of the industry. We are the best coordinator to start the collaboration, as we find the operators, identify business opportunities to create an industrial symbiosis network, and know the material and industry best. We offer versatile solutions for implementing the circular economy at both regional and organisational levels.

Our material audits are a great way to start looking for industrial collaborations to utilise extra sidestreams and reduce losses. Read more

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