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Sustainability creating business values

With the sustainable material circular economy, you promote the fulfilment of sustainable development goals, increase the efficiency of your company’s operations, generate sustainable business and improve material cycle risk management. We work in developing sustainability systems for materials and products, assist in applying for and implementing eco-labels, and provide consultancy on sustainability issues related to materials supply chains. We know the material cycle and its value chains best and can identify value-creating opportunities for the industry at different stages of the material cycle.

Our services:

  • Establishment and implementation of industry-specific management and sustainability systems
  • Circular economy supply chain risk assessment and management programmes
  • Assessment of compliance with environmental and safety requirements for production and permit applications
  • Chemical and environmental safety risk assessment and scenario analyses for circular economy materials
  • Developing circular economy indicators and implementation consulting
  • Eco-label applications and equivalence assessment

The best circular economy innovations originate from sustainable supply chains

We want materials and products to circulate for a long time and to have as many productive life cycles as possible. For this to be possible, material supply chains must be realised sustainably and responsibly, including during recycling and recovery. At Apila, we are well acquainted with industry players in various recycling and recycled raw materials value chains, and we understand material handling processes and technologies.

With our expertise, we create systems for the industry to guarantee that sustainability, safety, quality and environmental issues are taken care of at the different stages of material circulation. With our services, the traceability of recycled materials and the management of environmental and occupational safety issues can be guaranteed at all stages of the supply chain. Sustainably produced circular economy raw materials create the basis for sustainable circular economy innovations.

Our quality laboratory services help manage material quality at various stages of the supply chain. Read more

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