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High-quality service to support self-monitoring, quality assurance and product development

When developing new products or renewing the raw material base, the quality process must also be reviewed to ensure the quality and safety of the product. In the circular economy, the lifecycle of materials is extended, which means that a new kind of approach to quality management is also required.

With our services, you ensure that:

  • Critical points for product quality are under control throughout the production chain
  • You have agile methods for quality specification and verification available
  • You get the best value for your recycled materials and products

Factors affecting the recoverability of material include its technochemical quality, possible impurities and handling of the material during the production chain. With new recovery applications and product innovations, the recyclability of materials will increase and productivity will improve.

Quality management ensures that new circular economy material continuously meets the requirements set for it. Their intended use determines the quality requirements for the material. Expertly designed quality programs are a tool for productisation in the end-of-waste, REACH registration and innovation product approval phases.

Agile quality laboratory services for your company

To guarantee quality assurance for your company, we carry out:

  • Quality management programmes
  • Assessments of critical points in production and production chains
  • Specifications for product and material quality parameters and required quality assurance methods
  • Sampling and analysis plans
  • Work instructions for sampling and self-monitoring

Our quality laboratory provides high-quality and versatile analysis services to support your company’s self-monitoring, quality management and product development. From us, you will receive:

  • Analyses in accordance with standards to meet product and material requirements
  • Agile in-house analysis services for your self-monitoring
  • Verifications of analysis methods and production self-monitoring

Your partner for quality management

We always consider the realisation of the material cycle from the perspectives of quality and safety. We can act as an external coordinator, mentor and validator as a part of your company’s quality management. The only thing left for you is decision-making. We can evaluate the need for analyses, the necessary methods, the results obtained and any measures needed, simultaneously taking into account the quality management of production as a whole. We have multipurpose facilities and experienced experts ready to perform even the most demanding laboratory work.

Contact us, and let’s create a high-quality bio- and circular economy!


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