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What is materials wisdom?

Materials wisdom is a circular economy that improves your business’s cost-effectiveness, saves natural resources and increases the safety of your products. It is a way of using different materials with thought, efficiently and in a manner that promotes sustainable development and the wellbeing of the environment and people. Material-wise product development improves the quality and productivity of materials during their life cycle and after the product has reached the end of its life cycle.

With product development, excellent enterprise resource planning (ERP) is also needed so that new material cycles can be designed to be safe and sustainable from the ground up. In the circular economy, the life cycle of materials is extended, which means an entirely new approach to quality management is also required. Reviewing the quality process can ensure the material’s quality and safety in new raw material bases, materials and products.

Material-wise production takes into account:

  • Wise choice of raw materials: use of recyclable raw materials, utilisation of local recycled materials and avoidance of critical natural resources
  • Efficient process development: wise choices in production and processing to reduce emissions, energy consumption, material loss and the use of auxiliary chemicals
  • Product life cycle in product development: product longevity, safety, reusability and recyclability
  • Sustainable material recycling: traceability of raw materials, quality management of recycled materials, compliance and risk management in the circular economy

Your reliable partner in a material-wise bio- and circular economy!

At Apila, everything we do is based on material-wise choices and quality. Whether it is products, production, raw materials or sidestreams, we at Apila will help your company enter the material-wise circular economy.

With our services you ensure that:

  • Critical points for quality and sustainability are under control throughout the supply chain
  • The materials circulate safely and sustainably
  • The products are designed with the entire life cycle in mind
  • All product and regulatory requirements are taken into account as early as at the product development stage
  • The best use and value for your sidestreams, recycled material or products
  • Direct savings with efficient material flows and reduced losses
  • Productive industrial collaborations and circular economy business models for your company
  • The best experts in sustainable material flows at your disposal

Contact us for wise use of materials!