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New products and solutions with requirements in mind

We want to develop products and solutions for our customers that can be commercialised. That is why we consider manufacturing processes, scalability and product requirements early in the product development phase. We know industrial material flows and their properties and effects better than anyone. With our services, you get new circular economy solutions into the market quickly. When assessing compliance, we find out what standards and regulations apply to handling the material and developing the product, and whether the developed product or material meets the requirements set for it.

Consideration of product and regulatory requirements as early as at the product development stage ensures that the entire product life cycle, including life after use, is taken into account in the final product design.

From waste into a product

We work closely with the authorities and various stakeholders. Our services for commercialising sidestreams include:

  • End-of-waste preparations and cooperation with authorities
  • Safety Data Sheets and Chemical Safety under REACH
  • Fertiliser legislation and nutrient productisation
  • Productisation in accordance with construction product regulations

Product development directly to the market

Our experts’ strong knowledge of technology and industrial processes, combined with business expertise, enables practical reviews, studies and evaluations of the material and product solutions to be developed:

  • Expert evaluations of innovations
  • Market research
  • Scalability studies
  • Industrial reviews
  • Technology studies
  • Preliminary profitability assessments for the product development phase

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