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Agile and sustainable material management services leading our clients to reach their circular economy objectives.

Apila Group Ltd was established in 2006 to create new, innovative and successful business without making compromises at the expense of future generations. With this vision, we offer concrete solutions and services to meet the challenges and needs of our customers in circular economy.

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Mervi Matilainen

Mervi Matilainen

Managing Director, PhD Chemistry (2005)

+358 45 111 3606

Pirjo Rinnepelto

Pirjo Rinnepelto

Business Service Director, MSc Environmental Technology and Management (2010)

+ 358 40 1494251

Kirsi Mononen

Kirsi Mononen

Business Development Director, PhD Chemistry (2004)

+358 50 5140390

Olli Mulari

Technology Specialist, MSc Technology (2011)

Juha Timonen

Materials Specialist, PhD Chemistry (1999)

Tiina Rasilainen

Chemistry Specialist, PhD Chemistry (2010)

Fatima Joki-Korpela

Materials Specialist, PhD Chemistry (2012)

Erja Jaala

Laboratory coordinator, Laboratory technician (2017)

Eetu Pietarinen

Laboratory engineer, Laboratory technician (2020), BSc Environmental Technology (2017)

Markus Hakkarainen

Environmental Specialist, MSc Environmental Technology and Business (2019)

Maarit Leppänen

Intern, MSc Agriculture and Forestry (2014)