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Innovative sample processing services for the determination of microplastics

We offer the determination of microplastics from several different sample types. Our method for the determination of microplastics is able to determine the amount of microplastics with a diameter of 0.1–5 mm in a sample. We have developed an efficient method for the analysis of the amount of microplastics to separate plastic particles from a sample matrix accurately and reliably. Sample processing and analysis is performed in our quality laboratory. 

Our method is suitable for:

  • for soil and sediment samples, and for snow and water samples
  • car tyre-derived microplastics can be determined separately from the microplastic sample
  • suitable, for example, as a self-monitoring sample for companies, for background assessments of construction sites or for indicating a regional point source.

In addition to the determination of microplastics, we provide expert assistance in replacing plastics and harmful substances used as plastic additives with alternative materials. Our agile and innovative materials and product development offers excellent opportunities to develop a business based on recycled plastics or alternative, most environmentally friendly materials.

Contact us, together we will tailor a service package that suits your needs!