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Material-wise material and product solutions from raw material choices to reusability

We carry out industry-oriented material and product development for the bio- and circular economy, based on solid materials chemistry knowledge. We know the materials and help to utilise them, from quick experiments to productisation, taking the necessary regulatory requirements into account.

  • Quick&Dirty: Inexpensive initial expert work quickly and agilely
  • Proof of Concept: Taking the concept further, considering the desired properties of the product
  • Protolab: Model pieces of new materials and products to be presented and tested as a basis for investment decisions

After the initial Quick&Dirty experiment, the focus of the development work can shift to the desired features in the Proof of Concept phase, from which you get a preform ready for the productisation path. With the help of a concrete product example produced by the Protolab, you receive a sample to test in your own operating environment and that can be presented and utilised to support project investment decisions.

  • Physical, chemical and visual properties according to the objectives (e.g. colour, water absorption/permeability, strength)
  • Modification of an existing recipe to suit the product (increasing the circular economy or adding green chemistry)
  • A sample to be tested for your own purpose, with your equipment and in your conditions

In material and product development, we determine the prerequisites for productisation, considering production conditions, existing processes and the customer’s needs. Quality materials alone are not always enough. In our design, we also think about scalability and the market.

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