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Apila Group Ltd has developed a cost-effective and competitive material for the recovery of harmful metals from wastewater. It is based on sidestream or ‘secondary’ materials and can replace ion-exchange resin. Thanks to this innovative technology, valuable metals such as zinc, copper and nickel captured by the filter can be recovered and reused.

Valuable metals such as zink, copper and nickel can be found in industrial wastewater from the metal, forest and mining industries but are also present naturally when drainage water runs through acidic soils that contain sulphates. These metals can be recovered  for further  utilization with our technology.

The filter material is an outstanding innovation as such metals  are expensive raw materials. It fully follows the principles of a circular economy through its purification of water, use of sidestream materials and because it allows valuable metals to be taken back into use. This increases the value of the innovation and allows new ecobusinesses to grow next to the traditional wastewater purification industry.

We are now seeking partners for the commercialization of this award-winning wastewater technology.

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Download leaflet here: Award winning water purification technology



The development project was funded by the European Union.