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Innovative expertise for product development and circular economy

We help our customers to make more efficient use of their resources and to find novel solutions for their processes and products.
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Versatile circular economy expert

Our team’s strength lies in chemistry and materials science expertise reinforced with environmental technology and management specialties.

Our core is in material development, sustainable material circulation enhancement and project management, from laboratory to pilot-scale projects.  The best solutions and the most productive concepts are productized and commercialized. Our experience in project management ensures that your work is completed on time and within the agreed budget.

Our passion to promote cooperation and develop business ecosystems provides the best starting point to improve efficiency and enhance environmental performance but also create new circular economy innovations.

Our creative corporate culture, combined with extensive expertise and a network of contacts, will enable us to work for the future in the best interests of our customers.

Environmental management

Collaboration, management procedures, personnel environmental expertise as well as legislation play all a major role in organizations’ resource efficiency and sustainability performance. It can be improved with correctly implemented environmental management processes.

  • Environmental managements systems and handbooks
  • Work instructions and guidelines
  • Circular economy risk management
  • Legislation monitoring and reporting
  • Environmental permits

Materials wisdom

Efficient and innovative use of materials will result in significant cost savings, both for companies and the public sector. Opportunities are found in both products and operations – our task is to remove obstacles to efficiency.

  • Material development & RDI
  • Product requirement definitions
  • Side stream productization
  • Collaborative ecosystems and industrial symbiosis acceleration
  • Material efficiency audits

Nutrient recycling

Recycling nutrients saves valuable resources and reduces nutrient wastage and discharges to natural watersheds. We are at the forefront of developing solutions and turning challenges to products.

  • Product development services for improved nutrient circulation
  • Product requirement definitions
  • Nutrient recovery systems
  • Permitting and productization of nutritious materials