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Expected guests from Business Joensuu and GTK visited Apila’s offices when the Outokumpu Mining Hub project started.

The crises that have afflicted the world have given a new impetus to promote the green transition. At the same time, however, the need for raw materials such as metals produced by the extractive industry is growing. It is therefore necessary to find solutions to utilize the waste generated in the mining industry, such as gangue (waste rock) and stamp sand.

The Outokumpu Mining Hub value network has been formed around these goals. Mining Hub consists of GTK Mintec, its related value network companies and Business Joensuu Oy. In the initial phase, the project focuses on solving one of the key challenges of the mining industry: how to utilize mining waste. In the future, the goal is to diversify the offered services and build a nationally and internationally known and respected cluster and ecosystem.

“It is a pleasure to be part of this value network,” Apila Group CEO Kirsi Mononen says. “Apila is part of the network because the company has solid and versatile experience in circular economy solutions.” Apila Group’s know-how relies heavily on material chemistry, and years of experience with side-stream materials guarantee that Apila has something to contribute to the circular economy of the extractive industry!

Apila’s contact person: Kirsi Mononen,, tel. +358 45 111 3606
More information about the project on GTK’s website: