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The revolutionary eco-friendly building material

Whether you are a large or a small player in the construction industry, we can provide your company with an appropriate way to take advantage of eco-friendly and feature-rich geopolymer in your operations.

Are you an innovative manufacturer of castings, ceramic products or concrete? Do you want to increase your product portfolio with low-carbon and strong products that do not need to be reinforced with steel? We will design a new premium-level geopolymer material for your company, especially suitable for high-value sites.

Are you a builder, contractor, architect or designer? Are you interested in trying a lower carbon footprint product to replace concrete at your site? You can try the product on a small scale through us – we create material that is precisely right for your operations. We will search for a network to help you with your practical implementation.

We also provide prototypes made with the Gepocit® recipe of your choice so that you can be convinced and impressed by the geopolymers!

What is a geopolymer?

Geopolymer is an innovative and more ecological material that can replace cement. It can be used for anything where cement is used – and more. Geopolymer composites are based on the selected geopolymer, sand and gravel mix. This results in a Building material similar to concrete but with better and more versatile properties.

Geopolymer recipes can be adapted to meet the desired properties. Industrial by-products can alsobe utilized in their production, which further increases the circular economy in the final product. At its best, the geopolymer is 98 per cent circular and 80 per cent less polluting than concrete!

Gepocit® – the strength and versatility with fewer natural resources

The Gepocit® geopolymer solution developed by Apila Group brings our customers a new high-value building material with a lower carbon footprint than other similar products. With our Gepocit® material expertise, we create a geopolymer material for you with the properties you want.

As a material, the geopolymer is stronger than conventional concrete and does not require steel reinforcement due to the applicable geopolymer adhesive and fibre reinforcement. The geopolymer has a better heat resistance and thermosetting compared to concrete. This also allows the material to be 3D printable and suitable for different production technologies. It can be made from up to 98% recycled raw materials, requiring fewer virgin ingredients to make it, making it a low-emission alternative to concrete.

The aesthetics of the material can be influenced in the recipe. The material can be made, for example, with a marble pattern or a white decorative coating. Described below are test pieces made with six different recipes.Gepocit Geopolymer

Reasons to choose Gepocit®:

  • Strength
  • Does not require steel reinforcements
  • Customizable recipe with desired properties
  • The material enables industrial design to the desired shape
  • 3D printability
  • Fast thermosetting
  • Cost-effectiveness of use
  • More versatile applications than concrete

The best value for industry needs

Our experts determine the composition of Gepocit® material based on the individual needs of the customer. This means that different product features can be considered in the recipe to meet the customer’s needs. Gepocit® is a strong, high-quality ceramic material. As a high value-added construction product, it is particularly suitable for value projects.

Residuals of non-organic, mineral-based resources in the energy and mining industry are widely available, as these valuable resources are currently not fully exploited. Thanks to Apila Group’s extensive expertise in chemistry and stone-based materials, concrete can now be replaced with strong and versatile premium material.

With the help of Apila Group, you have access to all the possibilities of geopolymers. We have tools for the recipe of a safely prepared geopolymer. Our experts comprehensively determine the formulation and composition of Gepocit® material based on your needs and available raw materials. In addition, we help you find and business networks to make your vision a reality. Or are you looking for greater value for your industrial by-products? We have solutions tailored to you.

Gepocit® is a registered trademark of Apila Group Ltd.
(Top image: Geopolymer noise barrier made with Apila Group’s recipe, photo: City of Lappeenranta)

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