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Direct cost savings for your business with efficient processes and reduced losses through material efficiency audit.

We provide your company with a material audit developed by Motiva Oy. In a material audit conducted by our certified experts, we identify steps in your company’s production process where you can save money and the environment by making more efficient use of the material and reducing waste.

In the material efficiency audit, we explore the potential for business collaboration and industrial symbiosis with regard to the resources of underutilised materials and sidestreams. Simultaneously, the available information provides a good starting point for product development and productive material flows.

Material audit is always worthwhile

  • Cost savings usually at least 3% of turnover
  • Loss is reduced
  • The carbon footprint is reduced
  • The entire company’s operations become more efficient towards a circular economy
  • Information can be utilised in environmental and sustainability reporting. A material audit is a concrete sustainability measure.

Business Finland funding of up to 60%* of the audit expert’s costs is available for material audits.
See the example below and read more on Business Finland’s and Motiva’s websites: Business Finland & Motiva

A materials expert at your service

Efficient practices, processes and wise raw material choices always benefit the company’s research and development activities. Reducing material losses and utilising sidestreams are an essential part of sustainable development and an easy way to bring about much-needed efficiency and cost savings. We are familiar with the processes in the industry and know how to help you.

To improve efficiency, we also conduct sidestream utilisation studies. Once the material flows, their costs and quality are identified, the opportunities for utilising different material flows can be examined in a new way. As the quality of the sidestreams improves, they can be better utilised. New industrial symbioses and opportunities for internal cycles may open up for the raw material based on the studies.

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Material audit funding example:*

Audit expert costs 20 000 €
Company’s own costs max. 20% 4 000 €
Total cost of the audit 24 000 €
Business Finland’s support 50% 12 000 €
Self-financing of the company 8 000 €


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