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Recycling plastics in Finland has progressed by leaps and bounds, and no wonder, since plastic has many good properties. The recycling of plastic’s chemical sibling, rubber, is also catching up to plastic. 

Plastics and rubbers are made from the same polymer families. The Finnish rubber industry mainly manufactures tires and technical rubber products, most of which are exported. Much has been invested in recycling rubber materials, but new innovations to utilize the material are still needed. 

Finnish industry is interested in the use of recycled materials 

The EU plastics strategy aims to reduce the environmental burden of plastics and the dependence on fossil fuels. The plan is to promote more sustainable consumption and production of plastics through a few ways in which plastic products are designed, manufactured and recycled. Finnish companies are increasingly pioneers in responding to the stricter regulations of the EU’s plastic strategy. 

It’s essential to consider the origin, quality and processability of recycled materials. Apila Group has years of experience with rubber materials, and we work actively to promote the recyclability and sustainable use of rubber and plastic materials in products. We know the challenges of recycled rubber material, material flows and industry players. 

Does your company use rubber as raw material for your products? Are you interested in adding recycled materials to your products? 

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