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The new facility of our long-term R&D customer can process 20,000 tons of end-of-life tires into recycled raw material for use in the rubber and plastics industry. 

Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd’s circular economy facility’s equipment is the most modern that can be found in the industry. At the same time, it also represents a new vision of the direction in which the role of producer communities could develop in the future. 

“Loppi’s circular economy facility is an inspiring example of how producer communities can be involved in promoting the transition to a circular economy in their sector,” says Kirsi Mononen, Managing Director of Apila Group. 

Apila Group has had a long-term R&D collaboration with Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd since 2015. The diverse projects in the tire industry have ranged from studies on the usability of recycled materials to the preparation of business ecosystems and environmental reports. 

“We are happy about the successes of our customers and lucky that we have been able to participate in doing this work with Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd,” sums up Managing Director Kirsi Mononen. 

Apila Group warmly congratulates Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd

Apila Group came to congratulate Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd on the new production plant in Loppi. In the picture Ilpo Mustonen, Risto Tuominen and Tiina Rasilainen.