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In 2021, we customised a growing medium from by-products. The medium was intended for soft-rooted plants and was to be used in a cover structure. The project carried out a chemical evaluation of seven by-product fractions for substrate purposes, taking into account their substrate, soil improvement and nutrient effects.

Project aim

The project aimed to develop an ecologically advantageous mixture of available side streams that can be used as a plant growth medium in cover structures and other similar sites. The second goal was to find a mixture of plant species suitable for the formed medium, considering the requirements of plant species, as well as ecological and economic aspects.

The side streams were chemically analysed by an accredited laboratory and classified based on grain size, moisture, bulk density, and available quantities. The by-products were compared to the national fertilizer preparation legislation, and the medium recipe was formed based on the quality data of the selected media, taking into account the results of the analysis of the composition of the by-products. Apila Group also carried out a plant species survey, in which a suitable plant species combination was proposed for the site, considering the site boundary conditions.

Project results

Based on the results and the predetermined concentrations, the most suitable medium mixture was selected for the site. The selection of plant species took into account the nutrient concentrations and limit values of the mixture and the characteristics of the habitat, without forgetting ecological aspects.

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