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In 2018–2019, we implemented a project to commercialize recycled soil materials and the growing medium formed from them. For the project, six side streams and three different mixtures were analysed.

Project aim

The aim of the project was to obtain type designation approval for recycled material in accordance with the Fertilizers Act. The necessary information on the raw materials and the product was collected for the product approval process. During the project, a product description and other documents required for official processing were also prepared.

The analysis method developed by Apila Group Ltd. compared the suitability of side streams and mixtures from the perspective of fertilizer legislation and chemical composition. The aim was to have a clear idea of how to proceed in order to obtain type approval for fertilizer legislation.

Project results

Based on the results, an assessment was made of the suitability of recycled soil materials in the use of fertilizer and soil improver. The applicable type names were specified, and the productibility of the different mixture ratios was evaluated by further analyses. The fertilizer preparation potential of the mixtures was confirmed by stabilization and growth experiments.

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