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In the project, Apila Group developed a recipe for a composite of recycled rubber and plastic. In addition, a method for blending recycled rubber and HDPE plastic to identify the most optimal blend ratio and raw material fractions was also developed in the project.

Based on the study carried out as deskwork, testing and trial arrangement for the production and testing of various rubber plastic mixtures was designed and built. In the test phase, the recycled rubber-HDPE composite was prepared with three different rubber contents using recycled rubber fractions of varying particle sizes and quality.

Various properties such as hardness, tensile strength, flexural and impact strength, mass and abrasion resistance were measured from the alloy materials. In addition, the weather resistance of the alloy materials was tested. The rubber powder mixes well with the plastic in several concentrations based on the results. It was found that the composite material is well-suited for injection moulding and can be moulded into various pieces. Different rubber grades can affect the material properties of the composite.

The work was carried out for Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd. 

Additional information: Pirjo Rinnepelto, +358 40 1494251, 

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