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On behalf of Jeppo Biogas Ab, we surveyed potential partners in the selected operating radius who could receive organic digestate.

Jeppo Biogas Ab is a biogas company focused on nutrient recycling and renewable energy. They produce biogas from agricultural and food industry by-products. At the biogas plant, environmentally friendly, renewable energy is produced from waste, which can be used to replace fossil fuels such as natural gas. The recovery of biogas reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and as a fuel, it is more environmentally friendly than natural gas.

When biogas has been recovered from the biomass, a nutrient-rich digestion residue remains. Apila Group sought companies that could potentially utilize the residue. The digestate produced in Jeppo Biogas’ biogas production is organic and hygienic, well suited for fertilizer use. As a result of the ecosystem mapping, companies operating in the area were identified. In cooperation with the client, Apila Group selected the companies to be interviewed. Apila Group conducted preliminary interviews in which companies were asked about their willingness and possibilities to utilize the digestate residue.

Apila Group organized cooperation meetings between the client and potential partner companies, where the possibilities of creating business groups that would form functional ecosystems for utilizing the digestate as fertilizer were further explored.

“It seemed reasonable to let an external supplier do the mapping. An outsider can approach a potential partner very neutrally and get answers accordingly.

We also looked at the assignment from the point of view that Apila Group had a natural role in this kind of mapping, and they already had contact information and channels for the most important operators and thus would save our own time in the project.

From a fairly large number of companies, a handful of interesting ones were selected for further negotiations. Apila Group acted as facilitator and transcriber in the initial negotiations.

At the moment, we will be able to move forward in the desired way.”

— CEO Kurt Stenvall, Jeppo Biogas Ab

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