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Lenkki Oy presented the new ELT+ by Solepex® shoe sole, which uses recycled material from Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd’s Loppi circular economy facility.

End-of-life car tyres are recycled to make ELT powder and granulate, which can be used in various rubber and plastic products to replace virgin raw materials. By using recycled raw materials, the environmental footprint (i.e. the environmental impacts during the product’s life cycle) of the products can be reduced.

Apila Group and Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd have worked together for a long time on ELT materials. Lenkki Oy’s new ELT+ by Solepex® is an excellent example of how using recycled materials can improve the quality of the final product. The ELT material gives the shoe sole the same safety-enhancing properties that are also important in car tyres: grip and wear resistance.

Read about Lenkki Oy’s ELT+ by Solepex® shoe soles here.

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