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According to the customer satisfaction survey conducted in December, Apila Group’s customer satisfaction was at a good level. 75 % of respondents would recommend Apila Group’s services to their partners. 

Those who responded to the survey were the most satisfied with the quality of expert work and reporting and the ease of doing business. Apila’s staff received praise in verbal feedback. Customers would like Apila to stand out stronger from other service providers. The company’s internal development work aims to respond to our customers’ wishes and sharpen Apila’s brand to serve our customers even better.  

“Thank you to everyone who answered the customer satisfaction survey. Conceptualization of services and more precise profiling of our operations will be taken as guidelines for our internal development during the current year. Your feedback is valuable!”

– Mervi Matilainen, Managing Director 

Results of the customer satisfaction survey 

  • 75 % of the respondents felt that Apila’s services met the challenges of customer companies either well or very well. 
  • 75 % of the respondents felt that Apila’s customer service was high quality and that communication with experts was smooth. 
  • All respondents felt that the service was delivered well within the schedule. 
  • 87.5 % of the respondents were satisfied with the quality of Apila’s reporting. 
  • 75 % of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the service as a whole. 
  • 87.5 % of respondents found doing business with Apila easy. 
  • 75 % of respondents would recommend Apila’s services to their partners. 
  • 75 % of the respondents would likely or very likely cooperate with Apila again. 

Particularly successful were, e.g. the following things: 

  • “Concrete work on-site at the beginning of product development.” 
  • “Attention to the customers’ needs and guidance by knowledgeable experts.” 
  • “A broad review of alternative methods and a practical evaluation of potentially applicable methods by several people.” 

Apila’s staff received praise from customers in verbal feedback: 

  • “Nice staff with lots of know-how. If necessary, quick response in challenging situations.” 
  • “Friendly, easygoing and knowledgeable cooperation.” 
  • “The project went smoothly with you.” 

The survey was conducted in December 2022 for Apila’s customers and partners. The respondents were asked questions about the services’ up-to-dateness, competitiveness, quality and recommendability.