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A new type of circular economy plant will be completed at the beginning of 2023 in the municipality of Lope. The plant will produce high-quality recycled rubber for industrial needs from used car tires. Apila Group is preparing a corporate ecosystem with a recycled rubber plant and a product manufacturing industry. 

Through business co-operation, the project aims to ensure that the material fractions produced at the new Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd’s plant will meet the requirements of the products. The co-operation aims to enable the availability of domestic circular economy raw material in Finland that meets industry needs. 

The project includes evaluating the mechanical and chemical properties of the recycled material, studying the possibilities of the raw material in various plastic and rubber composite products and different manufacturing technologies, and the production of test specimens and experiments. The needs and open questions about the industry’s raw materials are mapped through interviews with material experts. A joint project is planned with interested companies, including preparing a funding application. In a possible joint venture, the purpose is to deepen product development to ensure the recoverability of recycled rubber and to increase the circular economy rate of industrial products. 

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