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The study carried out by Apila Group included a review of the suitability of Lakka Rakennustuoteet Oy’s dry products for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel construction product database. Apila Group evaluated dozens of dry products and their colour options in the study. For each product, the baseline data were compared to the criteria set by the Nordic Swan ecolabelled building. 

The work checked how dry products meet the Nordic Swan Ecolabelling’s Building Product Database criteria: 

  • whether the dry product belongs to the products mentioned in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria 
  • product-specific requirements 
  • reviewing product information and comparing it to requirements 

The survey provided the customer with an overall picture of the product’s eligibility, which accelerated the approval of the products to the Nordic Swan Ecolabelling’s Building Product Database. 

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Additional information: Kirsi Mononen,, puh. 050 5140 390